After my militairy service I became a civilian at the department of defense and I enjoyed it a lot (before my accident)

I just kept working at the Telematicagroep those units were raised during my service time (they disbanded 541 communications group and turned to these local units in my service time).

I also workend with great pleasure at this unit we also had our days out to boost moral (I think) look at the picture below you can see me in my youth with a colleague he is the one with the moustache

The other thing I used to do a lot during the time I worked at the amry barracks in hrt Harde was going out on nice trips like shooting and hiking

In december 2000 I had an interview for a job at DTO and they wanted to enlist me so I did.

Ihn the beginning I had a lot of fun here I was making big bucks for doing he same work but then on the 21st of march 2001 the unthinkable happend to me.

I had a ver bad car accident during work time.

I just finished installing an ADSL Modem with a colleague who was working for the dutch phone company kpn on the amrry barracks called PMK and he rode in front of me in his car and I rode one of our work cars when I suddenly got of the road while exiting a curve.

Normaly when the militairy is shooring this road gets blocked of because it is next to the shooting grounds of defense and during the afternoon the road was also blocked of because of the mad cow decease.

We wernet in a hurry because it was almost lunch time and he didn't see my car following his car anymore instead he saw my car with blinking lighs next to the road.

I can't remember anything of the accident except what people told me and I have the pictures.

People were busy for 45 minutes to get me out of the car.

Because it was in a forrest there was nowhere to land a chopper.

But the police just blocked of anyway for the ambulance so it could get to me in a record time this was my luck a bit.

I was in a coma for 19 days but as you are able to see on the pictures and read in the text I came out alright.

It seems I am complaining a lot this is not the case before my accident I enjoyed myself and worked with great pleseaure it was really gratifying,