Shooting and Hiking

With a good colleague of mine Hans van Dinter who'm organized a lot of things always (former sergant major of a military unit I belonged too and afeter this unit he became for internal suplies at our Telematica Groep)

I went to a military hiking event eacht year before my accident this was held in Luxembourg.

Here a picture of the surroundings over there.


Also Hans organized a lot of schooting days wehter the weapons were from the dutch army or the german army as long as you could shoot with them we did join in.

Below a picture of mine on the shooting range in Budel back in 1998.


Also what I did with my big friend Hans (at least befor my accident) was celabrate ther queeens birthday in Amsterdam

Hans always is here on the big flee market selling all kinds of products these days more drinks then other stuff but still.

If we where there we where about the 50 metres from our home bar in Amsterdam called Hans en Grietje the pub is located on the Spiegelgracht.

So you know what to do when you are in Amsterdam this day look for me haha.

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