I am Tom Schutte a.k.a Roadhawk A name that I took when I was younger and messed around with the commodore 64 and was busy in the demo scene (in the day I was at elementary school).


I also had a group of friends who were busy doing all kinds of stuf also with their computers we were true geeks hehe making music and drawing on the computer.


And of course we made demo's that was really cool hehe one of my friends is still active in the demo scene today his handle is Shake


But the personal computer came after a couple of years, I got my own for my 15th birthday, a 286 and I was proud.

But very very soon within 3 months I rebuild my 286 to a 386 16 megahertz just to have a bit more speed.


I had a great time in my youth and also with my other friends who were also very busy with their pc.

Because I was very busy with my pc I never went out to the disco or the pub I still don't drink alcohol.

And the music in the disco wasn't my music style go to my music page to find out what my style is


Working witth the computer was always a big hobby so in 1994/1995 I went to a school for a computer education.

I was a five year educaion but this school gave it in one year.


After my school I was drafted into the militairy I was one of the last people who had to serve mandatory, but I did't mind I had a lot of fun.

In 1996 I got out from my serving in the militairy but I enjoyed it so much (doing nothing and getting paid) that I decided to stay as an civilian.


But on the 21 st of march 2001 I got into a very bad car accident.


People some of you write in my guestbook thanks for those lovely words.

But would you do me a favor? Also send me an e-mail using the button on the site so I am able to react to you in person otherwise you might get the idea I am not nice if you do not here from me and I do not wish that.


I live on my own in a detached house to see drawings of my house click on the my house link in the menu on the left





© Tom Schutte


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