on the 21st of march 2001 I had a very very bad car accident, but I survived.

This accident truly made a mark in my life.

Though I have recoverd a lot of it in the last years there are still people who do not understand me.

I gues I am just a little bit strange because medicaly speaking I should had not survived this accident.

I had to learn everything again I had to learn how to breath, think, swallow, walk, talk, everything I may be glad I am how I am today.

People thought My survival changes were very slim because the root of my brain was badly damaged normaly people die if this gets bruzed.

II am still fightin to get wel and I think I will have to fight the remainder of my life to keep improving myself

After the first weekend home it went very fast with my recovery, and I think I have got our dogs to thank for this recovery.

Because dogs take you the way you are they don't judge you because you sare in a wheelchair no if you are good to them they are good towards you they can sense that you are a good person for them.

They are not like people who give you al the love and care when you are in the hospital but they turn arround and say look at him do not care if he lives or dies I just came to have a break from work.

If you are good to the dog the dog will be good for you

At this moment I am not allowed to drive a car and I have to be awere that I may never drive again this pains me because I like to drive it gives you a part of independence

Also I am not allowed to keep busy with my biggest passion work

What do you say work?

Yes working was my biggest love I was good at my job and it gave me a lot of confidence I had nice colleauge's and lovely clients who'm all came to visit me when I wasn't working.