Before a became a civilian to the department of defense I was an inlisted soldier look at the picture below.

This picture was taken while I was in the GME (General Military Education) in the town of Blerick.

It was during my GME that I had my only outdoor experience roughly sleeping and eating in the field look at the picture below.

After my time as an soldier I found that I liked the army (doing nothing and getting paid)

But after my enlistment when I got to work as an civilian I did Much more militairy thing then as an soldier.

You can read about it here.

But in general I enjoyed my time as an soldier I want to work for an unit called 541 regional communication company.

I was a phone operator during this time on the picture below you can see that we were naughty people hehe


During my militairy duty there wasn't much to do on these army barracks because the plaace had old buildings and they were on the list of destruction this would take a few years.

Bur during this demolition I had a lot of fun with my fellow soldiers.

At one moment we had our own motorcarttrack on the barracks because this company had to leave the place in the city and we could have them at a low cost on the army barracks, so each night we would drive in the carts.

What we would also do when they build a great big pond on the army barracks it was a fire pond but we let fish swim in it so we could go fishing early in the evening this was also great.

Not in the beginning but later on me and my friends also went out to eat in a nice restaurant near Epe called Ribhouse Texas it was always a good meal that we got there.

After my enlistment a became a civilian and my adventures truly begun then hehe.