This will be the pages about me and my friends and the fun stuff I do with my friends

I have one very very good friend and his girl friend has become a good friend also.

This friend I have known since 1984 when we were young kkids at school.

Later on when we did holiday workk in the flowers he met his girlfriend they also have a child together these days.

Those two took me about one and a half years after my accident to movie park germany.

Crazy as I am you could go jumping you were secured by some rope so you couldn't hurt yourself.

The picture of this day you can see here.

We also went to the Efteling on 20-07-2006 it was also very nice here you can read all about it here.

On he 12th of september 2009 we also did the midnight walk of Assen


Also an other good friend of mine though we never met personally is Derek Sivers he created cdbaby back in he 90's as a favor to some of his friends.

I also bought some cd's there and this is how I got to know him he always took a personal approuch to his custumors and his small company cdbaby grew out to be a very big company and he never meant this to happen.

Here is a video of one of his custumors telling about the great experience he had with cd baby