Welcome on the pages about music.

You may press here for the pages of my great love Melanie.

And her youngest daughter Jeordie

And also a page of the great Whitney Steele

And here you can read all about another great music festival I went to and ejoyed myself.

I went on august the 10th and 11th of 2007 to Almelo meets Nashville.

It was a great party met some very nice people there.

It wasn't to busy so I had the time to talk to the artist and go on the picture with a lot of them.

I am still in contact with a few of them and I think it is great I talked a lot during this weekend.

Here a small list of the artist and a link to the own website to read more about them.

I think that this weekend was a blast and can't wait for the same happening this year.

It was held in the Theater Hotel in Almelo but during the day the artist also performend in the local bars in town or outside.


Besides turning the evening in the hotel to paradise the artist also made the town to a beautiful music gathering during the day.

One of the places was behing the hotel called Solera

But also the Hookhoes Shamrock Belgie and cafe the Stam were the places the artist performed so across the town it was a lot of fun.

You could just walk to a bar where your favorite artist was playing sit down have a drink and enjoy the music

Then I would like to share with you some pictures of the artist and me that were made during the day.


This is me with Mandyleigh Storm she is Brittish but lives down under with her husband and beautiful children.

Mandyleigh Storm on SellaBand



Here again with mandleigh giving her a massage she has a bad back but it runs trough her family she said because I discoverd the her posture wasn't alll that good and told her so.


Here I am with a great guitar player Buster B Jones


Here a nice piece of music by Thom Bresh and Buster B Jones made for Bresh Digital TV.


here another great guitar player Thom Bresh.


above a nice utube video of mr. Bresh



A lovely singer Annie Sellick her performance was splendid


Pat Bergeson and me He is the friend of Annie


here another picture of Annie and Pat playing in a local bar.


Here I am with Thomas Blug as you can see he was very warm he just performed amazingly with his electric guitar


here a picture of Hot Club the Nashville

I do wish to go again this year if it is held I hope it will be a bit better attended you would come won't you?

You can click the banner below this is the person who made this happen his name Casper van Vulpen he also has a band called Caya

CAYA (Maaike & Casper) on SellaBand


Here are the pages of yet another great arist who I believe in very strongly Gisel de Marco

And yet again antoher dear friend of mine, I believe firmly in these ladies


Also the daughters of Melanie have a career in the music industry and they are also great.

The oldest daughter is Leilah she is married and has two kids here is a link to here own website.

Here a nice picture of the beautiful Melanie and her nine month old daughter Leilah who is a great musician too

aren't they adorable?


The other daughter is the lovely Jeordie and here is the link to her own website.

and a nice video of her.


A great video of Jeordie and Ashley Norton doing I believe

Harmony Drive.

Just look at Jeordie aint she beautiful?


More music