The Shetland Sheepdog

We do have alot of dogs at our house.

This is the Shetland Sheepdog or the more common name Shelty

Though they are the dogs of my parents I can hardly go by without them.

I am so crazy with them that I have two sleeping with me and during the day I have got a whole buch sleeping on my bed.

Here is a link to a small movie of a bunch of dogs on my bed.

They are centerd to us though they can go out to the garden all day through they are mostly inside (we made shutters in each door for the dogs so they can walk in and out all day trough)

above a picture of me in the garden being crazy with the dogs when we had a litter of smaal dogs and they were old enough to take outside.

The picture above is late in ther evening when they go out for the last time before they go and sleep (as do we) and I was sitting on the ground with the dogs.

You can also see a few of our adult dogs here and you can see they are truly lap dogs because they aren't to big.

Below here a picture of their own dog garden we shuffle shit a lot here to kee ik from smelling bad and keep it a bit clean for ourselfs

Semming that the dogs have their own garden in our big garden I also take tham out back on the gras in the big garden.

They find this very much fun and they run like crazy on the big gras and I enjoy it also below you can see a picture of their own garden we nowadays have a nice stone wall border and the big tree is also gone.

I also go on long walks with the dogs good for my own condition and also for the dogs.

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