Welcome on the pages about my family.

Of course I do have a mum and dad, but my birth father died at the age of 30 he died because he had hypercholestrolmie.

This is a sicknes past on to your children.

This means that we don't have the microbes in our liver to break of the cholestrol in our blood.

I used to be able to keep it in control with just a diet, but after my accident this wasn't sufficient anymore.

But nowadays they almost for everything have medicine this is also the case for me so I have to take one tablet each evening.

Next to my father and mother (mum remarried two when I was very young so I see him if he were my own father) I also have an older brother.

These days he is a vet he did his education in Belgium, Gent and one day he went on a holiday to Norway and met his wife there she is originaly from Jerusalem.

They married in Engeland where my brother has worked for a couple of years.

Their first son was born there, but in 2006 they came back to the Netherlands and their second son was born here.

This means I am a proud uncle of two boys and when I get to see them I spoil them rotten.

For more on the wedding, and pictures you can click here

Also I regularly go out and about cycling my bicycle I also go with my mother but we don't go very far then then we just cycle for a 17 kilometres.

If I go out on my own I do cycly around the 40-60 kilometres, but This was far enough for my mother and still it was enjoyable.

We also cycle to Fochteloerveen this is a lovely forrest with a bird watching tower you can cycle there very nicely we discoverd