Many of you people believe.

I will tell you stop believing.

There is nothing to believe in.

Don't get me wrong God Allah and all these other so called Gods do exist but not in the way people think of them.

I mean God is a young one and also is Allah.

Be it that the Islam and christian God is the same one

Also the God the jews believe in is the same God and christianity and the Islam came from Judaism and their calander date is even 2000 years older then the christian calander.

Take for instantce the story about Adam and Eve this tells you that woman is less then a man.

Why? Because Eve was created by God from one of the rib of Adam because Adam did not want his first wife.

His first wife was also created from the same earth which God used to create Adam.

This meant she was his equal and did not want to be beneath Adam in hierarchy.

Adam did not like this he felt he should be boss and his wife this means womam was beneath him and should obey him.

God granted his wish and created Eve.

This means that christian religion supresses women.

And yet a whole lot of women believe this means that they willingly place themselves below man.

Read more about Lilith here

But nevertheless it is based on a fairytale

Because in the old days there many Gods in wich people believed. Take the Olympians from Greece or Zeus and Hera from the ancient Viking People, or the Egyptians with their Gods.

But they weren't Gods either.

No They were Energy forms in wich people believed and this believe made them stronger and hey let the people perform tasks for them in their name to get even more energy to move towards the next level of Energy

Everything arround you is Energy some Energy is higher than another take for insance a tree is is not the same Energy as a person but you are able to transform it into lots of other Energy forms.

You could build a ship from it build beams for a house you could even burn it to get heat drawm from it.

Do you think that this Energy is gone when you burnt it?

No it is not gone it just transformed into other Energy.

There are so many Energy levels and we can only see 0,1% of all Energy levels.

So do not waste your time in adoring a false God who's Energy level exceeds just a bit that of our own.

Believe in yourself and remember Energy is never gone and is never depleted people never die they just shed the container that was holding their Energy Energy never goes away it is always there.