One of the things I also did every year (before my accident) was celebrating the queens birthday in our capital (Amsterdam)with a good collleage and also friend (Hans).


Hans is sill there with his stand selling coffee and soda it is always a fun and joyfull time.

If we are there we alway have the same spot every year near our favorite pub Hans en Grietje on the spiegelgracht.

We are about 50 meters away from the pub so if you are there that day come and visit us on the 30th of april every year

This is a picture of me when I was still a young god hehe

Here is a picture of our home pub Hans en Grietje that I visit a lot I have a few pictures of the outside and some of the people who work there this is the first picture of he outside.

Men says when you get older the women are more leaning your way because you get more handsome every year.

Also this year I wasn't complaining of female attention also with the ladies in the pub as you can see on this picture

I sill wore the same t-shirt I got from them ten years ago these days they have nice orange ones.

I also had a nice chat with some ladies who sold all kind of orange stuff including hats so I bought a hat from them as you can see they couldn't let me go hehe.

I also bought a hat for everyone in our team so we all had matching hats.


As you can see I know how to enjoy myself on these days expecialy if it comes to the ladies you do'nt here me complaining

Though it is a nice city and certanly on these days a happy city I wouldn't be able to live there I need space so I would rather live in a small town or a village

The people in the city on the days that I am there are always friendly and caring I always feel safe in the city.

And of course on the night before the birthday of the queen you party all trough the night in our pub where we left at arounf 08:00 in the morning always a lot of fun


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